Thursday, August 12, 2010

The New York Times and my mother

A few links to reviews I stumbled upon in The New York Times

The Life You Hide May Be Your Own, by Coral Lansbury, July 30, 1989. 
The review of the reprints of The Hottest Night of the Century and Games of the Strong gave me a new perspective on my mother's writing. But Lynne Sharon Schwartz takes the reviewer to task in her Letter to the Editor: Crushed by Australia?, August 27, 1989.

Unloved in Manly, by John Crowley, September 13, 1992. 
Not so glowing, but an interesting review of Longleg

And this is a fabulous exchange to read:  
1) The bad review of Dancing on Coral (the winner of the Miles Franklin Award): In Short - Fiction - Dancing on Coral, by Roger Freidman, May 24, 1987. 
2) The Letter to the Editor in reply: Dancing on Coral, Glenda Adams, June 28, 1987. My mother takes him down.


  1. This MIGHT be my favorite thing of your mom's. I love that she stands up for herself!

  2. We Feltons are like that: mild-seeming, a bit shy, but we can take someone down when pushed to it.